I am the woman…

I am the woman…

You cannot stop me


I am the woman who pushes

The wind

And controls the storm.

You cannot break me


I am the woman whose roots

Are buried

Deep below your feet.

You cannot dim me


I am the woman whose light

Is that

Of a million suns and more.

You cannot blind me


I am the woman who sees

Every ripple

In every rippling sea.

You cannot force me


I am the woman who heightens

The surf

And crashes on shore.

You cannot cage me


I am the woman who speaks

To birds

While the world is asleep.

You cannot hush me


I am the woman who rolls

The thunder

And makes it roar.

You cannot resist me


I am the woman who stirs

The air

And the moments you breathe.

You cannot forget me


I am the woman who paints

The sky

And creates my world.

Rhapsody for the wild and free…

Rhapsody for the wild and free…

We’re doing fine 

we’re doing great 

as long as we’re excited. 

This is our time 

this is our space

It’s where we were invited.

We get hungry

We get thirsty

We tell ourselves 

There are worse things.

Tangled and untangled

All of the time.

On the fishing line

The fishing line

The fishing here is fine.

We dapple in a dance

Find romance

In a sea of fantasy

Magical serendipity.

We are cells 

Within a master brain

Within the master brain 

Within something too far for you to explain.

Using eye 1

Eye 2

Eye 3

Seeing how we want to see

All the pretty little things 

But really

You is me


Us is we

And really all the little things,

We’ve always known,

Don’t mean a thing..

So maybe for a minute

We could let ourselves do our thing

Without questioning

And just do our damn thing.

That thing that feels good

Like we know we should 

Whatever it is.

Like dancing in the stars

Or doing too much of one thing

Just making memories 

Cause we’re all in the same scheme.

We’ve come too far

To disregard what we do

Who we are

What we know and always knew.

Don’t tell me to nap

When I want to live

I’ve got the map

Always have, always did.

I know where I’m going

Where I’ve been

What I’ve done.

I’ve been watching all of you

All your secrets

All your fun

What ever it is

It’s what we’re all doing

From the start to the middle and the finish

We’re unwinding we’re unglueing.

We were drunk off of love 

And falling into ourselves 

Open to the awareness

That it would all ring your bell.

Let your palms get slippery

Get wild and dirty

Or quiet down

-sit back

Revel in your purity.

We’re playing the game 

Whichever way we want to

And we win in the end

Cause we did what we came to.

And you may think

You’re separate from me

With your mystery and trickery

But really it’s just you and me.

And it isn’t even that

It’s all of us

Right here right now

And before 

And before

And we are more

Than we ever gave us credit for.

I’ll meet you at the door

With the key

To what you look for.

Lust and love

And milk and eggs

And booze and songs from

Another age.

It’s dripping


Honey or sap

However you want it

It’s like that.

We are the seasons…

We are the seasons…

The sun sauntered into the starry sky and pulled me from my slumber. I looked into the sea of layered saturations and saw familiar colors, with shades of new. The birds told each other stories, fully aware to their very core that a shift was in the air. A time of harvest was upon us.

The sun rose higher that morning as she controlled the movement of moments, and the heart of the day. She spoke so loud, with a message so clear that the wind charged forth with perhaps an even louder response. And we would spend the day listening to their exchange of wisdoms. Guided by their messages. Continue reading “We are the seasons…”

I am free and forever…

I am free and forever…

I come forth through the elements as a force – electrified by pulses of love and flashes of light. Grounded in the fleeting presence of moments in motion. Stupefied and mesmerized by the magic of this synchronized dance.

I hold with me the key to all that ever was and will be. It’s in the rhythm of my heart beat. It’s in my dreams and in my sleep. In the way the birds and I speak. That is me. Continue reading “I am free and forever…”

You are the reflection of the Cosmic Heavens…

You are the reflection of the Cosmic Heavens…

I want you to drive your Soul into the depths of the unknown, because it is then that you will truly ever know. It is there, in the darkness, where each story is created and revealed. Inside of this ethereal energy of vibration – these intangible threads of life, all of life is born.

You are the result of Cosmic Magic. The web of life is largely composed of energy that we cannot see, energy that holds everything in place. Dark matter is the glue in the Universe that holds all of the Galaxies together. Shaping existence and holding all of the cosmic elements in unity. Dark matter is the map of the celestial pathways that create this life. Therefore, dark matter is the map of all existence.  Continue reading “You are the reflection of the Cosmic Heavens…”

Adorned in Stardust and flooding with golden light…

Adorned in Stardust and flooding with golden light…

Dressed to the nines in the concentrated style of the cosmos. Shimmering in stardust and luminescence. Your presence becomes known like a sudden gust of wind – brilliantly spontaneous, free and in control. Taking the lead.

You wake with the Sun and ancient wisdoms of thousands of years streaming through the passage ways of your mind. Quietly knowing that you are everything. And everything is you. Dancing in synchronism with the sound of your thoughts and rhythm of your heart.

A sea of dreams floating in an infinite sky… Living in and out of your mind… Continue reading “Adorned in Stardust and flooding with golden light…”

Take this for a ride…

Take this for a ride…

You’re riding your bike through a smoothly paved path, surrounded by the lush green leaves of overlapping trees. The tops of the trees are drenched in the rich gold of the bright melting Sun. The glistening golden Sun rests in an ecstatic haze above you. It follows you now and carries with it an ocean of blue sky as you gracefully fly forward.

A beautiful celestial sphere of cerulean blue blankets over you. And now you can’t help but to stretch your neck and look straight up into the heavens as if their calling your name. You search for clouds and notice only the most delicate and drifting cotton dispersing throughout the welcoming sky. You smile and soften your eyes. Your hair blows behind you and you bring your chin back down slowly… setting your eyes on the path straight ahead. Continue reading “Take this for a ride…”

Step into the spotlight of your life…

Step into the spotlight of your life…

As you move forward in your life journey… let your hair down. Be a kid again. Explore. Love. Laugh loud and vigorously. Open up your eyes to the enchantment and mystery that surrounds you. Be fearless. Be you, and do all the things that set your soul on fire and carry butterflies to your heart.

You are here on this earth to enjoy living… to dance… to feel… to love. You are here to be the bright shining light that you are. You are here to have the time of your life. Continue reading “Step into the spotlight of your life…”

Take this for a ride…

Take this for a ride…

You’re driving on your favorite road and you’ve got the windows rolled all the way down. The heat of the sun scorches into the car in its golden amber hue and blazes where it rests as you drive – heating your legs, your arm, your cheek.

You smirk at the delightful comfort of the radiant moment, and everything in each breath becomes more vivid as your awareness unites with all that is present. Continue reading “Take this for a ride…”

All that we have is this moment…

All that we have is this moment…

I am a feeling, breathing, living part of this moment. I am this moment. This moment is me. This moment, the only moment that is happening – here and now, is where everything lives, where everything unites, where all answers are whispered and found. This is the time – the only time that we know, the only time that we see, and with the perceptions of our choosing. In this moment, all that ever was, is.

Continue reading “All that we have is this moment…”