I am the woman…

I am the woman…

You cannot stop me


I am the woman who pushes

The wind

And controls the storm.

You cannot break me


I am the woman whose roots

Are buried

Deep below your feet.

You cannot dim me


I am the woman whose light

Is that

Of a million suns and more.

You cannot blind me


I am the woman who sees

Every ripple

In every rippling sea.

You cannot force me


I am the woman who heightens

The surf

And crashes on shore.

You cannot cage me


I am the woman who speaks

To birds

While the world is asleep.

You cannot hush me


I am the woman who rolls

The thunder

And makes it roar.

You cannot resist me


I am the woman who stirs

The air

And the moments you breathe.

You cannot forget me


I am the woman who paints

The sky

And creates my world.

I am free and forever…

I am free and forever…

I come forth through the elements as a force – electrified by pulses of love and flashes of light. Grounded in the fleeting presence of moments in motion. Stupefied and mesmerized by the magic of this synchronized dance.

I hold with me the key to all that ever was and will be. It’s in the rhythm of my heart beat. It’s in my dreams and in my sleep. In the way the birds and I speak. That is me. Continue reading “I am free and forever…”

You are the one…

You are the one…

Orchestrate what you would like to see

For, you are the one on fire

And the fire always depicts how many embers fly.

You are free to follow the wind and dance along the way

For, you are the movement of this Earth

You can dip, sway or dive.

Amble through thick fields of love and freedom in the time of your life

For, you are time

Time is the blood flowing through your veins.

You can blind with your light or let it peak just passed the trees

For, you are the light of the Sun

You are the Heavens – you are the breeze.

Bathe in the warmth of your sweet Sea of everlasting dreams

For, you are the ripples in the waves

You can float where you please.

Orchestrate what you would like to see

For, you are the one

You truly are everything.

Contribution to The Daily Post

The time has come, she said…

The time has come, she said…

The time has come, she said…

to live as free as you can live

and remember like you always did

all the magic that has brought you here

the magic living in the air

and all the things your eyes can see

But mostly which was not perceived…

The time has come, she said…

to speak of all your true desires and never speak of less

and listen to the wind in her current of caress

and the wisdoms in her whisper –

take her hand and trust her

and go where she will guide you –

where all your dreams come true…

The time has come, she said…

to fly free into the future – not the present not the past

but where you thrive eternally and ever last

and dance inside the magic that lives within your heart

where you are the creator infinitely from the start

and float above all of the tides

that only live inside your mind…

The time has come, she said…

to dream of rainbows big and bright

knowing that all is purely made of light

and remember that you paint what it is you wish to see

so then everything is just the way it is meant to be

and let that secret carry you to that sweet place –

the home in your heart that’s alive and awake…

The time has come, she said…

to dance with the rain like you’ve done a million times before

and always let it leave you wanting so much more

and keep chasing after all of your longings and desires

so that your souls fire grows brighter and brighter

as you grace the foot prints in the soil of divine timing

and shine like the Sun in this beautiful life that you star in…

Contribution to The Daily Post

Rejoice in the knowing that I am the Magician…

Rejoice in the knowing that I am the Magician…

Here I am. Like I am seeing again for the first time. Hearing again for the first time. Aware. Awake. Alive. Everything is in front of me. And everything is within me.

I sit here, writing my heart out, just as I pictured I would. Sitting in front of the waters edge, on top of the soft morning sand, under the magic of the Sun. Aware… and awake. Just as I pictured I’d be.

Free. Electrified with the radiant feel of a lighthearted perception. Like when I was a younger girl. A younger girl with no worries – floating above the water of this comforting pond, picturing that one day it would be in my backyard. Picturing that I’d be on the private side of this pond, writing under the Sun, meditating and saluting the Sun.

And here I am. Sitting here on the private side of the pond. Pen in my hand. Toes buried under the sand. I never saw it coming, although, all along I did. I always knew I’d be here. Looking up at the sky in this moment with pride and excitement, trust and bliss, gratitude and love. Absolutely positive.

Awake. And aware. Alive in the knowing that I am light stretching from the Heavens. I am the vibration that creates all that ever is. I am the Power of the Universe. In constant communication and synchronization with the forces of all that ever is. I am the manifestation of miracles and I manifest all miracles I desire.

Here I am. Awake. Aware. Alive. I am the Magician. I am the Wizard. I am the speaker to the birds and the animals, the wind and the rain, the Sun and the Water. I am the glitter that dances on top of the water. I am all that I’ve ever dreamed of being.

Contribution to The Daily Post

You are the reflection of the Cosmic Heavens…

You are the reflection of the Cosmic Heavens…

I want you to drive your Soul into the depths of the unknown, because it is then that you will truly ever know. It is there, in the darkness, where each story is created and revealed. Inside of this ethereal energy of vibration – these intangible threads of life, all of life is born.

You are the result of Cosmic Magic. The web of life is largely composed of energy that we cannot see, energy that holds everything in place. Dark matter is the glue in the Universe that holds all of the Galaxies together. Shaping existence and holding all of the cosmic elements in unity. Dark matter is the map of the celestial pathways that create this life. Therefore, dark matter is the map of all existence.  Continue reading “You are the reflection of the Cosmic Heavens…”

Adorned in Stardust and flooding with golden light…

Adorned in Stardust and flooding with golden light…

Dressed to the nines in the concentrated style of the cosmos. Shimmering in stardust and luminescence. Your presence becomes known like a sudden gust of wind – brilliantly spontaneous, free and in control. Taking the lead.

You wake with the Sun and ancient wisdoms of thousands of years streaming through the passage ways of your mind. Quietly knowing that you are everything. And everything is you. Dancing in synchronism with the sound of your thoughts and rhythm of your heart.

A sea of dreams floating in an infinite sky… Living in and out of your mind… Continue reading “Adorned in Stardust and flooding with golden light…”

We are water…

We are water…

You sip from your water to replenish your life force and maybe you gaze out into the ocean. The Sun shines down over the water, lending warmth and consolatory glitter to the rippling surface of the sea. Watching the waves surf and crash brings you peace, like you’re home again. She serenades and soothes you as you become entranced in her swaying rhythm.

Children splash and jump over the waves, and perhaps you will too. Droplets jump into the air and the mist creates tiny rainbows in front of your eyes. And the Earths bath overflows with that energy of elated bliss. Altering its rhythmic composition and mimicking the energy of you and me. The water holds your memory and returns that feeling of bliss back onto you.

Water… the ultimate precious source of life and your survival, is forever adapting to its environment. This very essence of life on Earth holds the intricate power of memory. The Earths Oceans, lakes, puddles… Your bubble bath, glass of water, or filled lobster pot… The moisture in the air, the rain from the sky, the lettuce growing in your garden… And you – your heart, your brain, your whole being. All swelling with water – water that is constantly receiving and storing information. Continue reading “We are water…”

Take this for a ride…

Take this for a ride…

You’re riding your bike through a smoothly paved path, surrounded by the lush green leaves of overlapping trees. The tops of the trees are drenched in the rich gold of the bright melting Sun. The glistening golden Sun rests in an ecstatic haze above you. It follows you now and carries with it an ocean of blue sky as you gracefully fly forward.

A beautiful celestial sphere of cerulean blue blankets over you. And now you can’t help but to stretch your neck and look straight up into the heavens as if their calling your name. You search for clouds and notice only the most delicate and drifting cotton dispersing throughout the welcoming sky. You smile and soften your eyes. Your hair blows behind you and you bring your chin back down slowly… setting your eyes on the path straight ahead. Continue reading “Take this for a ride…”

Step into the spotlight of your life…

Step into the spotlight of your life…

As you move forward in your life journey… let your hair down. Be a kid again. Explore. Love. Laugh loud and vigorously. Open up your eyes to the enchantment and mystery that surrounds you. Be fearless. Be you, and do all the things that set your soul on fire and carry butterflies to your heart.

You are here on this earth to enjoy living… to dance… to feel… to love. You are here to be the bright shining light that you are. You are here to have the time of your life. Continue reading “Step into the spotlight of your life…”