A woman of authentic integrity…

A woman of authentic integrity…

Would you like me to apologize for unapologetically being me? Should I say sorry to you now, for being who I choose to be? For being happy? For being pleased with who I am?

Do I have to be obedient to your made-up rules and self-proclaimed righteousness in order to be considered good?

No. The feeling of having to defend oneself for being oneself is an absurd one.

I am here to live my life in a way that fulfills me – not in a way that fulfills someone else’s perception of how I should be. I am not here to be anything other than me. If that offends you, then ask yourself why you’re not fully being you.

I am not going to change who I am for your approval. The only approval I need is my own. And I approved of me a long, long time ago.

So to waste my time trying to convince me that I am no good, is pointless. To waste my time in an effort to get me angry with myself is ridiculous. To waste any time with the intention of trying to make me more like you and less like me, more angry and less happy, more confused and less clear – is absolutely insane.

For, that will never happen, see, I’m Missy, babe. I am ME.

I came here with the intention to live and enjoy the wild ride, with the commitment to honor myself and all that I desire as the amazing me that I am.

I did not come here to shame others. I did not come here to blame others. I came here to live. To enjoy living. To enjoy the ride. To enjoy myself. My wild self.

I will not cage or tame myself to better accommodate you. I will only hope that you find the key to set yourself free from the cage you’ve locked yourself up in, so you stop trying to cage me in there with you.

You see, I cannot be caged. I cannot be tamed. I am Missy. I am a wild woman. I am Missy. I am the light that blinds if you’re not opening your eyes clearly. I am the Queen of the Wild, and wild I will be. And if for some reason that offends you, then don’t bother with me.

If what I do with my life makes you angry while you live yours – then take a deeper look behind your closed doors. Cause my doors are wide open – my pages there for you to read – and when you look deeper at me you still see that the way I live my life makes me happy.

And THAT is all I seek.

What is it that you seek? That should be your priority. Not me, and how I’m living fulfillingly.

I suggest that if you continue having trouble seeing clearly when you’re near me, pull the blinds over your eyes, because I won’t be dimming my spectacular light.

And if you wish to continue to tell me that what I’m doing and how I’m doing it is not right, please rethink before you speak, because you see, I don’t give a fuck about what you feel entitled to say at me.

So if I want to dance at 10:30 to loud music that makes me want to howl, then I will and you can watch me. And if I want to howl like the wild beast that I am, then I will and you can listen. And if I want to stomp my feet in excitement for whatever reason, then I will and you can feel it.

And if you don’t like it, walk away, because I am not going to change. And I am perfectly comfortable right here where I stand.

And if from where I stand I want to tell a woman I’ve never before met that she is beautiful, then I will, because she is. And if I want to jump up and cheerlead other women, then I will – because that’s what women should do. We should celebrate each other, hold each other up high, empower one another and celebrate our differences. Not belittle or berate each other in order to feel good about where we stand.

A woman who belittles or berates another woman is only belittling and berating herself.

If you are a woman of authentic integrity, then what another woman chooses to do with her life should have no affect and hold no power over you. But the moment your mind starts stirring because of what another woman chooses for herself, is the moment that you need to look inside of yourself.

Because you are here to live, babe, so don’t waste your time getting hung up when another girl doesn’t do it like you, cause she’s busy having the time of her life, and you should be too.


I am the Supernova that created me…

I am the Supernova that created me…

I am a child of the Universe. An abundant extension of all that ever has been. I am the creator of life, cradled in the magic of all of creation. I have been here forever. And I am everywhere, infinitely.

I am the evolution of every gust of wind. The knower. The seeker. The feeler. The seer. I am the honey, I am the bee, I am the flower, I am the soil and the Sea. The taste of my tears are no different than the taste of the Ocean – For, I created every drop within the ocean. The ocean created me. Continue reading “I am the Supernova that created me…”

You are the reflection of the Cosmic Heavens…

You are the reflection of the Cosmic Heavens…

I want you to drive your Soul into the depths of the unknown, because it is then that you will truly ever know. It is there, in the darkness, where each story is created and revealed. Inside of this ethereal energy of vibration – these intangible threads of life, all of life is born.

You are the result of Cosmic Magic. The web of life is largely composed of energy that we cannot see, energy that holds everything in place. Dark matter is the glue in the Universe that holds all of the Galaxies together. Shaping existence and holding all of the cosmic elements in unity. Dark matter is the map of the celestial pathways that create this life. Therefore, dark matter is the map of all existence.  Continue reading “You are the reflection of the Cosmic Heavens…”

We are water…

We are water…

You sip from your water to replenish your life force and maybe you gaze out into the ocean. The Sun shines down over the water, lending warmth and consolatory glitter to the rippling surface of the sea. Watching the waves surf and crash brings you peace, like you’re home again. She serenades and soothes you as you become entranced in her swaying rhythm.

Children splash and jump over the waves, and perhaps you will too. Droplets jump into the air and the mist creates tiny rainbows in front of your eyes. And the Earths bath overflows with that energy of elated bliss. Altering its rhythmic composition and mimicking the energy of you and me. The water holds your memory and returns that feeling of bliss back onto you.

Water… the ultimate precious source of life and your survival, is forever adapting to its environment. This very essence of life on Earth holds the intricate power of memory. The Earths Oceans, lakes, puddles… Your bubble bath, glass of water, or filled lobster pot… The moisture in the air, the rain from the sky, the lettuce growing in your garden… And you – your heart, your brain, your whole being. All swelling with water – water that is constantly receiving and storing information. Continue reading “We are water…”

Take this for a ride…

Take this for a ride…

You’re riding your bike through a smoothly paved path, surrounded by the lush green leaves of overlapping trees. The tops of the trees are drenched in the rich gold of the bright melting Sun. The glistening golden Sun rests in an ecstatic haze above you. It follows you now and carries with it an ocean of blue sky as you gracefully fly forward.

A beautiful celestial sphere of cerulean blue blankets over you. And now you can’t help but to stretch your neck and look straight up into the heavens as if their calling your name. You search for clouds and notice only the most delicate and drifting cotton dispersing throughout the welcoming sky. You smile and soften your eyes. Your hair blows behind you and you bring your chin back down slowly… setting your eyes on the path straight ahead. Continue reading “Take this for a ride…”

Take this for a ride…

Take this for a ride…

You’re driving on your favorite road and you’ve got the windows rolled all the way down. The heat of the sun scorches into the car in its golden amber hue and blazes where it rests as you drive – heating your legs, your arm, your cheek.

You smirk at the delightful comfort of the radiant moment, and everything in each breath becomes more vivid as your awareness unites with all that is present. Continue reading “Take this for a ride…”