And I will rise in the morning
Like the sun always does,
Carrying foggy notions of shadows
In my head,
Leaving the white sheets wrinkled
On the bed,
Walking into the fresh rays of light
That make the morning dew
Shimmer and shine,
And my blue eyes glue to the new
Blue skies,
And I ask the sky questions
And find answers in my mind,
Where the shimmering shadows are
Bright and bold and fine,
My thoughts taste like water turned
To wine
I think, to myself
And I bite my lip to taste
The sweet brine,
And remind myself that these
Slippery thoughts are mine
All mine,
And I could share them all
If I’d like,
Or I could hold onto them,
All these slippery thoughts
Streaming through my mind
Soaking up my slippery time,
Or I could ring them out
For some to see,
When these thoughts get too hot
To be held by just me-
Yes, I could ring them out
And let little bits drip
Like drops from
The sea,
And let my thoughts wet
Your lips
Like they’re doing to me-
Yes, I could ring them out,
Perhaps into a glass to drink
For when you’re dry and thirsty
And you need something like me
To wet your parch,
Something to drink,
Drinking the thoughts that I think,
And I will sail across the grass
Like the wind always does,
Slipping through the dew
And taking off my dress
That I made with the fabric of
Thoughts I’ve undressed,
Sliding into the patterns of
Slippery notions
And sipping away at my thought-
Provoked potions,
Onto the slithering shadow of a
That tastes salty and sweet,
But perhaps it’s just the summer nights
And scorching heat
That give my slippery thoughts
This kind of heart and beat
I think, to myself
And I take another step to feel
The skin on my feet,
And remind myself
There is life
In the slippery thoughts
I always seem to think,
And if I don’t slow them down
They could sink,
Or I could let them go full speed-
All these
Slippery thoughts
Swimming through my mind,
Spinning and twisting and all intertwined.

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