I sit here and contemplate with the thought that we are all wild animals. We are creatures. We are beasts. Simply running off of animalistic impulse and instinct. Dancing and flowing or pushing and pulling with the forces of nature that stir all around. At times we forget that the forces are wild. So is the nature. So am I. And so are you. We’re wild creatures that have been tamed, seeking ways to release our inhibited wild nature.

I sit here and toy with the ideas of why we do what we do and how we perceive that which is intangible but so clearly there. We have this way of picking up on things that we can’t actually touch but can see, can’t point out but can feel, can’t hold yet can’t deny. We dance with feelings and shifts in the air. Like animals, like wild creatures, we feel all of the energies that stir. We feel each other’s thoughts like we feel the sun pouring in on our skin. We feel another person’s wild instincts setting in like how we feel a hard shift in the wind. We pick up on each other like animals, like wild creatures, like beasts.

I sit here and wonder how we see the things that are invisible to the naked eye, yet at certain times you can perceive something unperceivable with someone else at the same time. Like wild animals picking up on the storm. It is there, it is brewing, wild creatures are aware, feeling things moving in the night time air. Taking tamed steps with caution while wild veils are always lifting, things are changing, wheels are spinning.

I sit here and ponder with the evidence that all that is palpable is equally just as impalpable. And all that is deniable is equally just as undeniable. And no matter what we say we see and what we actually pick up on, we will always be questioning our own naturally wild impulses and the ones of others, because we are wild creatures living on tamed land. And a wild creature who has been tamed will always find a way to slip back into its natural wild ways.

I sit here and try to decide what it is that pulls us like the moon and the tide. We move about and we shift in the night. We pick up on each other’s vibes. We change where we’re looking or how, but why? It’s in the excitement of moments that ignites the flame in the wildness of most creatures, and we are no exception. We like to press new buttons, simply for the sake of never having pressed that one before. We are driven by the rapture of enticement and sweet curiosity. We are curious creatures. Wild. And breaking free.



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