I come forth through the elements as a force – electrified by pulses of love and flashes of light. Grounded in the fleeting presence of moments in motion. Stupefied and mesmerized by the magic of this synchronized dance.

I hold with me the key to all that ever was and will be. It’s in the rhythm of my heart beat. It’s in my dreams and in my sleep. In the way the birds and I speak. That is me.

I am interconnected with the wires and the wrappings of the waves in the world. The eternal seas of cosmos and shooting stars. That is my lineage, that is my blood. I am gold and dripping like the sun.

I am calling out to the wind, roaring in the spirit of a lion – or – Silverlining. I am charged up. Electrically pulsing like lightning and strikingly captivating like thunder. Magnetically swayed and dipped in the intrinsic composition of a fairytale.

I am free. And I am forever.

Contribution to The Daily Post

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