I am a child of the Universe. An abundant extension of all that ever has been. I am the creator of life, cradled in the magic of all of creation. I have been here forever. And I am everywhere, infinitely.

I am the evolution of every gust of wind. The knower. The seeker. The feeler. The seer. I am the honey, I am the bee, I am the flower, I am the soil and the Sea. The taste of my tears are no different than the taste of the Ocean – For, I created every drop within the ocean. The ocean created me.

I am the clouds that drift and cover the Sun. But mostly I am the Sun. I am on fire. Emitting light at the frequency of my choosing. Billions of photons dancing to the symphony of Universal Enchantment, in the shape of what I call me.

I am the green in the leaves and the blinding gold of the sunrise. I am the mist. The dew. The rain. The storm. I am the wings of the dragonflies, butterflies and moths. I am the nectar of Life. And the partner to the sweet unknown.

I am the magic that’s unfolding right in front of me. I am the continuation of what was before me. I am the movement and illusion of time and space. I am what I call reality. I am – the Supernova that created me. I am everything.

And… So are you.

Contribution to The Daily Post

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