I reached for the cup of tea that she’d placed down beside me. Already I was in a trance brought on by the consumption of love that swallowed me whole. The blues of my eyes drifted and melted into the blues of the Sea. The golden glitter dancing on the waters ripples reminded me that it could’ve been day or night – depending on how I was to look at things.

For, I knew it was all in my eyes.

I pressed my lips gently onto the tea cup and sipped my first sip. It was a cocktail of sorts. Sprinkled with stardust sweeter than anything I’d ever dreamed of tasting. A concoction of cosmic dew and honey that dripped down from the Heavens. 

It was more delicious than the salty ocean on my skin. More delicious than the sweetness of the summer air.

I swallowed slowly, softly, and placed the cup of wonderment back down beside me. The taste lingered on the tip of my tongue. It was a mixture of mystery and magic – miracles and enchantment. A grin of bliss took over me. Butterflies began to dance inside of me to the rhythms of my heartbeat.

I was home. Home. Home.

I started to feel like water – liquid and free – spreading across the air and floating within it. Reflecting the lights that reached down from the sky. I was becoming, once again, the brilliant light of the sky. I was the Sun here on Earth and I held all of her light. And I could shine forth all the rays of light that I’d wish to. And every time I took a breath, my light shined brighter and reached closer toward the Sun.

I relaxed deeper into the delight of my second sip of tea. It tasted like the richest milk dripping from the brightest Star the skies have ever known. I swam into the essence of this potion. I became one with Space and Time. I was Space and Time.

I looked out into the land of trees and vivid greens and slipped into the rapture of sweet awareness. I watched the trees come to life. I saw the vibration of their breath and heard the sounds of their laughter. I saw them dance with the magic of the dusk. Their branches intertwined and their Spirit was just One.

I saw what Life really was. And all of the colors that I hadn’t seen before. I saw the sky shift hues through the whispers in my mind. Fireflies harmonized with the songs playing in my head and invited me to watch their light show. Stars flew across the sky and breathed the most elegant secrets into my ears.

I flew into the cosmos and pranced across the Moon and the Stars. I swam in the pool at the center of the Sun. The Universe spoke to me in a language I’ve always known, but one I’d never used. I floated on top of a river of luminescent dreams and shared jokes with the Stars above me.

I drank without caution from the fountain of Celestial Nectar. And I found myself in an eternal Sea of ecstasy and grace. I poured gold passed the veil of my lips and sipped a little more. That is my cup of tea… Would you like a sip?

Contribution to The Daily Post

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