I want you to drive your Soul into the depths of the unknown, because it is then that you will truly ever know. It is there, in the darkness, where each story is created and revealed. Inside of this ethereal energy of vibration – these intangible threads of life, all of life is born.

You are the result of Cosmic Magic. The web of life is largely composed of energy that we cannot see, energy that holds everything in place. Dark matter is the glue in the Universe that holds all of the Galaxies together. Shaping existence and holding all of the cosmic elements in unity. Dark matter is the map of the celestial pathways that create this life. Therefore, dark matter is the map of all existence. 

And You are walking on this Earth every single day with a map of the Universe inside of your brain. You are Cosmic Magic. You are a Universe within a Universe. The circuit pathways of your brain mirror the dark matter passageways within our Universe. You are an imprint, an authentic reflection of the Cosmic Heavens. The Universe is the brain of all Cosmos, and you are a Universe emerging within the Cosmic brain. You are the Universe. The Universe is you.

All of the Power of Creation thrives within you. Like the Universe, you are the perfect balance of love and combustion, completion and beginning. There is no force of energy more dominant than the divinely drawn passageways of You and the Universe. You are the cosmos and the cosmos are alive in a sacred dance of vibration that cannot be meddled with. For, you will eternally hold the map of the macrocosm inside of you.

So allow yourself to be thrust into the dark matter of your world. Knowing that you forever flourish through these curious energies. Go into the unknown. The abyss that holds everything together. Knowing now, that you are the abyss that holds everything together. You are everything.

Contribution to The Daily Post


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