The first step to saying “NO”- Simply saying “NO”.

The second step to saying “NO”- Rejoicing in your power and your light.

The third step to saying “NO”- Saying “YES” loud and clear to what you do want. YES to what sets your soul on fire. YES to what makes you shine and gives you butterflies.

Don’t just say “NO” to that which dims your light. Say fuuuck that. Never say yes from your mouth when your heart screams no. Your Spirit and soul will always be honest. Do not subject yourself to anything that does not feel authentic, loving or compatible with your energy. 

You are here for a reason. And that reason is not to say yes when you want to say no, or no when you want to say yes.

You are the Star in your movie. So shine as bright as you can and then strive to shine even brighter. Literally be the Star. Go after what you want and don’t waste one heart beat on anything that you don’t want. Go after the things that make you feel like you could fly. And walk away from the things that weigh your wings down.

That is the whole point to living – to live happily.

So polish your life with the feels of bliss and excitement, love and light, enchantment and ecstasy. Do not get dressed up for someone else’s party. Get dressed up for your party.

Contribution to The Daily Post

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