Dressed to the nines in the concentrated style of the cosmos. Shimmering in stardust and luminescence. Your presence becomes known like a sudden gust of wind – brilliantly spontaneous, free and in control. Taking the lead.

You wake with the Sun and ancient wisdoms of thousands of years streaming through the passage ways of your mind. Quietly knowing that you are everything. And everything is you. Dancing in synchronism with the sound of your thoughts and rhythm of your heart.

A sea of dreams floating in an infinite sky… Living in and out of your mind…

Your eyes holding the secrets of the Universe and the very galaxies of your Soul. You are seeing the magic unfold. You are the magic, unfolding.

Natty rays of light shine forth from your heart and reach out in all directions – uniting with the Sun. You are eternal light. Dispersing into the air and into the Cosmos, raining from the heavens and resting on each blade of grass. You are the air, you are the cosmos. You are the Heavens… and the earth.

You are everything. Forever unfolding into the magic. Forever evolving as the magic. Adorned in the stardust that made you, and flooding with golden light

Contribution to The Daily Post

2 thoughts on “Adorned in Stardust and flooding with golden light…

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