You’re riding your bike through a smoothly paved path, surrounded by the lush green leaves of overlapping trees. The tops of the trees are drenched in the rich gold of the bright melting Sun. The glistening golden Sun rests in an ecstatic haze above you. It follows you now and carries with it an ocean of blue sky as you gracefully fly forward.

A beautiful celestial sphere of cerulean blue blankets over you. And now you can’t help but to stretch your neck and look straight up into the heavens as if their calling your name. You search for clouds and notice only the most delicate and drifting cotton dispersing throughout the welcoming sky. You smile and soften your eyes. Your hair blows behind you and you bring your chin back down slowly… setting your eyes on the path straight ahead.

And it is in this precious moment of slow time that lends you the impression that everything is simply perfect and divinely inspired for you. All of the moments leading up to this one were precisely shaped pieces to the puzzle. Your grin grows larger, and the pureness of your inner child begins to shine brighter.

You feel the strength of your spine as your legs move you forward effortlessly. Your feet lay on top of the pedals in comfortable control. The motion of moving forward through the wind takes over now. And excitement electrifies you in the form of butterflies flying inside of you. You take into your lungs a deep and exhilarating breath.

You’re flooded instantly in the feeling of infinite freedom. Moving forward fearlessly between and intertwined with the very elements of the moment. Moving under and all around the cosmos. You become aware that you are still just a child of the Universe.

You’re free.

You take a deep breath in through your nose and smell the sweet and salty memories of the Sea. Your skin is very softly kissed with the approaching misty Ocean air.

The friendly and soothing breeze shifts slightly for a second and your hair sweeps swiftly to the side. Vulnerable and at the whim of the ever-changing winds. Your smile grows larger once again. Your heart beats faster with innocent excitement and you ride forward into the backdrop of sparkling khaki dunes.

The mingling trees watch as you pass them by and enter into the golden path of enchanted dunes that have been soaking up the heat of the blazing Sun. You feel that heat lather the tops of your legs that slowly dictate the rolling of the wheels on the sandy warm pavement.

Warmth melts over you from the spilling of the Suns rays. You are in the guidance of the sunlight and that revelation captivates you. That authentic notion sets you in the sweet embrace of true love. An authentic moment of clarity – You are free.

You can fly forever and always in the embrace and guidance of the entire Universe. Swimming through the dance of the cosmos. One breath at a time. One push of the pedal. You are here. Moving forward on two free wheels that roll above a paved path that is surrounded by dunes that sleep in the heat of the sun that you thrive under. And it is there in that moment that you remember the being of light that you truly are.

That is the beautiful power of your brain…

Contribution to The Daily Post

3 thoughts on “Take this for a ride…

  1. You are free. Loving that single punch line that hit me right in the feels. You have your way on depicting your perspective and your feelings, and I am loving it. Great choice of words, and an interesting style of showcasing your writing. Have hope, write on!

    Liked by 1 person

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