I want to set myself free in the sweet memories of child-like me. I want to listen to only the sounds of the birds and the forest and the music of the day. And I want to let it captivate me and send me into a trance of wonderment and exploration. Stopping for nothing but that which catches the glimpse of my souls eye. A butterfly or whispering breeze. The dandelion seeds floating like fairies granting all the wishes that I could ever seek.

I want all the pink hues of pure unconditional love to wash over me with the rains, and warm me with the Sun. Adorned with only care and never worry, as I know I’m nurtured and preserved by the Universe.

I want to spend my days chasing the golden Sun. And my nights dancing with the glowing moon, underneath the stars.

Shining like a star. And burning bright here on this earth. Pushing through every cloud and seeing what I see. Seeing everything. Being everything.

I will sleep in the tops of the green trees and move with the winds discretion. I will bathe in the blues and majestic hues of the infinite Sea. And dive into the deepest purples the eye has ever seen. Remaining blissfully buoyant in the elated memories carried in the water. And I will float on my back to shine the light of my eyes toward the light of a million plus a thousand skies.

And I will be saturated in whatever touch of chromaticity the Sun shines down on me. Yellows and golds and the colors of a Summers sky. Or the luminosities that were stirred up just for me.

I will swing with the pull of the moon and I will be swallowed by the butterflies I feel within all of me. I will dance to the rhythm of their flutter inside of me. And I will not rest until I swallow all the fluttering butterflies I should see. Allowing that feeling to overtake me, and set me free inside the wisdom of bliss.

I will be moved and touched and enchanted by the Earth and the life that lives above her. I will fall in love with the ecstasy of experiencing and embracing what it is to live. I will forever walk in the brilliant colors of rapture and pleasure that my human heart will eternally belong to. I will taste the salty magic in the air that I pine for. And I will indeed let myself get carried away in this synchronized dance of illumination.

I will be everything that I see. And everything that I don’t. I will forever be a child of the Earth and the Stars. Floating on the sparkles that rest in the water. Beating to the beat that was made to resonate with me. Seeing all directions. And being a part of each one.

I am an Animal. Wild and free. Would you like to join me?

Contribution to The Daily Post


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