Like the clouds drifting by above your head, this too shall pass. So take a deep breath and let it out, as a new one graces you. This moment lends its hand for the next one to come. The clouds float above you to their newest destination.

You are in constant motion with all that surrounds you. Always shifting and surfing. Dancing with the waves set forth in front of you. Fleeting through the unpredicted motions of being.

You are never ending nor beginning. You are in a constant rhythm of completing and becoming. You are infinitely evolving.

The water moves between the high and low tides. The Sun rises and shines and sets and never stops. The mist comes, the rains fall, thunder strikes and blue skies enter with the next daylight. Everything is always moving… Completing and becoming… Just being. Like you.

Like everything, you are here in this moment which will shift into the next. Tomorrow will come when you move through today. And tomorrow you will continue to move. You are not finished, you are never finished. You are always a perfectly imperfect work in progress. And that is okay. You are emerging with life every moment within every breath.

So take a deep breath. Continue to move on the current of this path. The sad or dark moments are only temporary… As everything is constantly in motion. Always completing and always becoming. There is no need to worry, when you realize that your worries are only fleeting motions.

Contribution to The Daily Post

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