You are not alone. Sitting here in this moment, you are connected to the entire Universe. You are the Universe. You are a fundamental part of everything. So allow yourself to just be. Be a part of it all – a beautiful addition to the masterpiece foundation. Continue to thrive in these moments gifted to you by the moments of your past.

Embrace your past, whatever it holds, and let yourself be grateful for it. Whatever it was, it was necessary to get you where you are today. To this very moment – to these very words. Here and now. You cannot relive your past, but you can appreciate it and live now. In this moment.

Dwelling on past problems is simply dwelling in delusion. The only reality you have, the only reality there is, is in this moment.

Be here. Use this moment to reflect on all those times you felt so defeated. Those times you questioned your ability and strength. Those times that felt like bottomless obstacles. In order to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding for who you really are. And now, here you are – stronger than ever before. A warrior, a conqueror of all.

This is how far you’ve come, and you’ve only just begun. So do not allow a bitter taste from the past to curb your appetite for the present and the future. Life can be bitter at times and it can be sweet at other times. Light and dark, highs and lows. It is a beautiful balancing act that everyone is practicing at. And you are mastering at.

No one ever said it would be easy. But that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. It is whatever you make it and it always will be. Your past, your future and right now – it is all in your hands. You can drag your feet in the darkest days of your past… or you can step into the light of what’s to be your future – embracing every moment along the way. You are the creator of this life and every beautiful moment is yours.

Contribution to The Daily Post


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