You are everything. With the everlasting power of the Universe within you. You are the blazing Sun. You walk with the mysteries of the Moon guiding each step. You are the oceans – fluid and free.

You move with the ever-changing tide, not against it. You are a part of the tide and structure of the water. Flowing harmoniously with the current. United with each ripple in the water. You are the water.

Like you, the Oceans rise and drift according to its surrounding influences. But the ocean never panicked over the sweet pull of the Moon. The water simply moves. Fluid and free. Like you. Dancing with the pull of the Moon in this sweet life of yours.

Embracing the infinite shifts in the tide. Reflecting the shine and sparkle of the Sun. Calming and swelling. Surfing and sailing through motions. Giving to life. You are life. You are the Oceans. You are the Moon and the Sun. You are everything – with the everlasting power of the Universe within you.

Contribution to The Daily Post

4 thoughts on “You are the Oceans – fluid & free…

      1. that I've been dying to put this out!) Correct! But not just him. All of our so called conservative candidates, Including and especially Sarah and John Any one of them could have blown this whole thing wide open during the campaign! They all KEPT QUIET like the COMPLICIT PENDEJOS that they are! To me any candidate that isn’t thumping this issue is at best incompetent, and more likely COMPLICIT. They ARE part of the prcmoeb.Whilh leads me back to where I started. We got nothing…!


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