There is a fire in your soul. Embers burn bright in your heart, with each new beat. Pure illumination swallows you whole. Billions of photons dance in the shape that is you. You truly are a being of light. You are the light of this Earth.

You look up at the Sun in the sky, only to find your own reflection. You are the Sun. You are a child of the Sun. You are a Sun God. You are a Sun Goddess. A curious creature of the light.

You are an infinite fire burning brighter every second. None of the shadows cast down on this land could ever dim the light that you are. Fundamentally in a constant beautiful blaze. You are composed of light particles moving at the speed of light. You are light made of light. You are on fire.

So let your fire burn bright. Free your fire. The fire in your soul. You are nothing less than a perfectly harmonized brightly burning star on this Earth, in this moment. Be that. Be as bright as you could ever be. As bright as you want to be.

Contribution to The Daily Post


10 thoughts on “You are a creature of the sun…

  1. It’s incredibly empowering that goes above saying – hey; you’re great. Incredible imagery. From your very physical make-up to your soul and that your value is virtually unaffected by the darkness of the world. It really is incredible.

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