I sat on the earth in the comfort of my own solitude and the company of the trees. The ground soft and littered with the purest green grass. The sun gazed down upon me as I bathed in her warmth and light. Birds of different colors and songs danced above me as my head drew closer toward the clouds. And still, my feet remained firmly pressed into the ground as my mind reached closer to the cosmos.

The essence of my light and true self penetrated the ground that my feet walked upon. And like roots to the trees, my energy branched out into the earth and under her surface. Entangled and intertwined together, I fed off of her energy and she off of mine. Soon I became intertwined with all of the other roots that were just like mine.

United with the earth like all the green that grows out from her, our bond began and grew into the infinite marriage that we are. And from there my spirit soared in all directions, and soon reached up to the skies above. Where I danced with the stars and the wonderful secrets of the galaxies.

The stars in my eyes were the reflection of the stars in the skies. I swam within the celestial sea of cosmos and it showed me who I was. Dancing in the rhythm of 100 billion stars, like the neurons in my brain, I remembered I was shining just as bright as all of them. I was so bright I was the light of the Sun, alive through the forces of creation and fire. And when I realized that I was also the magical pull of the veiled Moon, I set forth the beautiful tide that forever graces me.

My DNA is the flawless creation of stardust. My eyes are the galaxies. The makings of my heart and brain are that of the everlasting Universe. I am the everlasting Universe. I am a beautiful color in the painted masterpiece that is everything.

And if I am all of this, then you are all of this as well. Because we are the same. Made up of the stars. Swimming in the cosmos, we are the cosmos. We are the cosmos whose light has been rooted into this Earth and connected to all that is and ever was. I am everything. You are everything. Let’s embrace that, let’s live that way.

Contribution to the Daily Post: Roots


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